Broadview Networks Receives Commendation for High Quality Service

Broadview Networks, another recommended carrier of Next Generation Communications, has been awarded for excellent services. The State of New York Department of Public Service recently awarded Broadview Networks a commendation for its high quality telephone service. The annual Service Quality Commendation Program recognizes companies that provide excellent levels of service. The basis of the award is a recommendation from the State of New York Office of Telecommunications. Broadview Networks, a leading communications provider, was commended for service based on criteria set by the Public Service Commission (PSC). To be eligible for the commendation, carriers must provide service over their own facilities and have fewer than 3.3 “troubles” per 100 phone lines. This metric, referred to as the Customer Trouble Report Rate (CTRR), measures a company’s monthly performance per central office. Companies must also show 0.075 or fewer PSC complaints per 1,000 access lines.

“We are pleased to be recognized by the Commission for excellent service,” said Brian Crotty, chief operating officer for Broadview Networks. “Service quality is, and has always been, a driving factor in our efforts to serve businesses in the State of New York and nationwide. This award is truly recognition of Broadview’s employees and their dedication to delivering a world-class experience. More than ever, businesses are seeking out providers that deliver excellent levels of service.” For more information on the commendation, visit the State of New York Department of Public Service website at .

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