Five Star Client Care Program

Next Generation Communications takes a pro-active, forward thinking approach regarding telecommunications network solutions for your business.  We partner with you to develop a telecommunications strategy specific for your needs. Our approach is based on the delivery of our Five Star Client Care Program.   These five steps are continuous and are the foundation on which we develop a solid and objective strategy for your business. 


  • Your business.
  • Your business goals, challenges and competition.
  • Marketing and Sales Distribution channels.
  • Your disaster recovery strategies.


  • Your current telecommunications network infrastructure.
  • Perform a complete telecommunications audit.
  • Provide detailed network inventory with costs.
  • Analyze the current infrastructure as it relates to your business goals.


  • Potential alternative technology solutions to meet your needs.
  • Short and long term technology strategies related to your business goals.
  • The implementation options.
  • Disaster Recovery Options.


  • Conversion and implementation of technology solutions.
  • Act as a liaison between all vendors.
  • Handle trouble escalations and develop plans for chronic issues.
  • Review billing to ensure accuracy and schedule planned calls and account review sessions.


  • Provide YTD savings progress reports.
  • Monitor changes in client billing.
  • Monitor changes in the industry and how they affect your business.
  • Provide Next-Gen News – newsletter to keep clients up to date.

Client Benefits of the Next Generation Communications Five Star Client Care Program:

  • Nine out of ten clients experience a reduction in telecom expense billing.
  • You will have a complete understanding of current communications services and costs to make educated buying decisions.
  • Representing multiple carriers allows Next Generation Communications to design a best of breed solution to meet your specific needs.
  • You will have a network platform designed for growth, protecting the telecom investment.
  • Turn monthly expense into an asset.
  • Next Generation Communications treats your network as our own, allowing you to focus on business objectives.

Next Generation Communications does the work so you, can do your work.

How does The Five Star Client Care Program work?

  1. Next Generation Communications meets with you and discusses business goals and objectives. We review connectivity with other offices, mobile workforces, customers and suppliers.
  2. The client provides a copy of a current bill for each of the communications services currently installed.
  3. The client must sign a Letter of Authorization for each of the providing carriers to allow Next Generation Communications to obtain a copy of the provider’s current Client Service Record.
  4. Next Generation Communications will perform an audit of all bills and service records and document the current configuration and costs.
  5. If necessary Next Generation Communications will evaluate alternative solutions that will either reduce the monthly expenditures or provide increased performance for the same cost.  In addition, we will determine if the current configuration will support your short and long-term business goals and objectives.
  6. Next Generation Communications will present the audit, discuss the alternatives and recommend a course of action.

Is there a cost for the audit?

Next Generation Communications provides a detailed analysis and audit of your current telecommunications network infrastructure at no cost and no obligation.

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